Aahar 2023 – Where Coffee Connoisseurs United

Aahar 2023 Delhi

The tantalising aroma of flavours, the clinking of cups, and the hustle-bustle of industry professionals – it was all there at Aahar 2023, Asia’s biggest international food and hospitality fair. The greatest four-day trade fair was held at Pragati Maidan, Delhi. The event brought together the owners and experts of the F&B industry to source the best food, hospitality, and equipment. The event was organised by the Indian Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) and attracts many exhibitors and visitors from around the world. Aahar aims to showcase the latest products, technologies, and equipment in the industry. The event provides an excellent platform for companies in the F&B, food manufacturing, interior décor for café/ restaurants, exporters, importers, food tech, and service providers to showcase their products to potential buyers and customers. The event had1,402 participants, including Kaapi Machines, Blue Star Limited, Bajaj Processpack Limited, Pearl Foods, The Aditya Industries, Rising Sun Foods, and Maruti Exports. The exhibition features various sections, including processed foods, organic products, cutting-edge equipment, packaging materials, and beverages. Apart from the exhibition, there are many events and seminars conducted at Aahar that offer insights into the latest trends and innovations in the food industry. The event contributes to promoting the Indian food and hospitality industry on a global scale.

Kaapi Machines Brewed Magic at Aahar 2023

Kaapi Machines was a part of this event, where there was an opportunity to showcase latest products to coffee enthusiasts and business owners. The brand collaborated with 14 roasters across India to participate at the booth along with 5 baristas from Delhi. The baristas offered exceptional hot and cold beverages to the visitors serving a variety of coffee from cold brew to cappuccino to refreshing coolers. Highlight were several exciting new products as part of the exhibit, which drew a lot of interest and attention, like Modbar, Rancilio Invicta, Fredda Rapibrew, and a lot more. But the excitement didn’t stop there, there were several activities that were executed at the stall including Roaster of the day, Man Vs Machine, Blade Vs Burr, Summer Brew Ideas, Latte Art with i-steam, and a lot more.

“I’m having a great time here at Kaapi Machines. I like how coffee is perceived in this country and how people are interested in learning more about innovative coffee technologies. Due to the timed grinders, baristas frequently face the issue of varying tastes even when using the same quantity regularly. Every grind has a different density, weight, and timing, which all have an impact on the overall grind extracted from the espresso.

Manufacturers recognised this flaw in grinding and developed the concept of grinding by weight grinders, also known as Gravimetric grinders. These grinders weigh the coffee as it enters the portafilter and has an automated system that turns off the motor when the desired quality is reached.

Our newest launch, the E80sGBW with Grind-by-Weight Technology, assists the barista in maintaining coffee consistency and effective dosing. This will quickly become a barista’s favourite.”

-Ross Quail at Aahar 2023, Asia Pacific Sales Head- Hemro

Innovative Kaapi Machine’s Stall

Kaapi Machine’s stall setup at Aahar 2023 was a sight to behold. The team recognised the necessity of presenting the brand in the best possible light, and achieved just that. For an easier and better experience, the space was divided into many parts, each catering to a specific product or brand. The Modbar, the highlight product of Kaapi Machines, was put at the entry. It quickly captured people’s attention and brought them to the stall. The team had built up a cold brew section that offered nitro cold brew, mocktails, virgin mojitos, hummus, and more. Some well-known products in the cold brew section included Fredda Rapibrew, Vitamix, and Harmony. The automatic coffee machines section featured some of the most innovative and efficient devices, making it a must-see for coffee enthusiasts. The team also dedicated a segment to La Marzocco, a brand that has always been at the forefront of specialty coffee. A distinct section for Something’s Brewing, was included which included a variety of home brewing equipment for people who enjoy brewing coffee at home. Visitors experienced the equipment and even interacted with the team to learn how to make the ideal cup of coffee at home. The launch of brand, Bohne, which was featured in a different section, was one of the highlights of the booth. The brand had been in development for months, and the team was ecstatic to finally present it at the event. To enhance the whole experience, the crew built up a space where guests could sample several varieties of coffee beans. The diversity of beans on display was a treat for coffee connoisseurs, who could smell and taste them to learn more about the coffee beans.

Product highlight

The product range at Aahar 2023 included a lot of state-of-the-art machines. Let’s understand them in detail:

  1. Modbar- The highlight of the stall. This barista’s dream equipment attracted a lot of people. It’s premium under-counter coffee equipment that puts you in full control. From the moment the order is placed, to the moment the coffee is served, everything will be totally visible to the customer. This coffee solution can be anticipated to be the evolution of the specialty coffee service experience. Modbar delivers the perfect cup of coffee every time. You can showcase the entire process on display for your customers to witness, enhancing customer interaction, and leading to higher footfall.
  2. The Rancilio Invicta is an advanced coffee machine that delivers exceptional espresso shots with ease and speed. Invicta is a reliable, stable, and easy-to-use single-boiler espresso machine with a modern, no-frills design.
  3. Fredda Rapibrew is a revolutionary cold brew coffee maker that produces high-quality cold brew in seconds. It offers a new and efficient technique for cold brewing. Through precise digital parameter control and associated cloud services, the cold coffee and tea brewing process can be completed in just 3-5 minutes, which creates the taste with the most refreshing, and smooth coffee flavours.
  4. Rancilio Classe 5 is a minimalistic machine that fits right in with contemporary aesthetics. Its USB mechanism allows the expert barista to efficiently manage the main machine settings.
  5. Puqpress Q1, a flat, fast, and super consistent solution for a non-stick tamper finish
  6. Vitamix the Quiet One is a commercial blender that has a versatile, non-intrusive working style, with 34 variable speeds which blend a wide variety of cold beverages at exceptionally reduced noise levels.
  7. La Marzocco Strada is an espresso machine developed by baristas for baristas, featuring a sleek Italian design that can be customised.
  8. Toddy® Cold Brew System is a nonelectrical coffee maker that produces a smooth, rich liquid concentrate used to make unparalleled cold brew. By allowing time to replace heat, Toddy’s deceptively simple cold water filtration process extracts the coffee bean’s true delicious flavour, leaving behind much of the undesirable acidity.
  9. Mahlkonig E65S Espresso Grinder is the perfect synergy of proven premium espresso grinding technology and pioneering features, designed to meet the modern demands of coffee professionals around the world.

Along with these exciting new machines and equipment, Kaapi Machines also introduced the Ripple Maker pro, a cutting-edge technology product that creates customised images in the foam of lattes and cappuccinos, and another innovative product the Perfect Moose, a smart, automated foam that takes over for the busy barista, rescues the untrained, and provides a true treat to your patrons. Coffee was displayed and served using the cutting-edge machines at the stall and showcased specifications and functionalities to the visitors.

A Look Back at Exciting Activities

The excitement didn’t end there; there were numerous activities at the stall that kept people interested and delighted throughout the day. One of the most thrilling activities was the Man Vs Machine competition, in which we set up an ultimate confrontation to demonstrate the difference between manual brewing and electric coffee machines. Visitors were captivated by the competition and had the opportunity to compare the taste and texture differences between the two methods firsthand. Another fascinating activity was Blade Vs Burr, in which the iconic Mahlkonig grinder competed against the sleek Harmony coffee grinder. Kaapi also provided insights for those who were looking for some summer brew ideas to add to their café menu representing various unique and refreshing brews, specifically curated for the summer season, which surely excited customers. The brand also offered latte art training using the Rancilio Classe 5 i-steam machine, which had premium functionalities and an intelligent steam wand. The visitors experienced how to create beautiful latte art designs using this machine, leaving them with a new skill that they could apply in their own cafes or at home.

Aahar 2023 was an event filled with everything around coffee that brought together industry professionals from all over the world to showcase their food and hospitality-related products, technologies, and innovations. The event not only provided a platform for businesses to expand their customer base, but it also contributed to the global promotion of the Indian food and hospitality industry. Kaapi Machines exhibited a wide range of cutting-edge coffee machines such as the Modbar, Rancilio Invicta, and Fredda Rapibrew, which was one of the event’s highlights. The collaboration with 14 roasters and five baristas enhanced the visitors’ experience by allowing them to witness the entire process of coffee making while also enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. The release of the Ripple Maker Pro and the Perfect Moose demonstrated Kaapi Machines’ dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. Overall, Aahar 2023 was a huge success, and Kaapi Machines’ contribution to the event demonstrated their commitment to providing high-quality coffee solutions and excellent customer service.