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The WMF Espresso is designed to create the taste and aroma of the perfectly handcrafted espresso with fully automatic portafilter selection, grinding and tamping taking care of all key brewing parameters.


Output per hour*

up to 300 cups

Nominal Output / power supply

6,0 - 7,0 kW / 380 - 415 V

Coffee bean hopper

each approx. 550 g

Outer dimensions (width / height** / depth)

723 / 580 / 540 (600 with suspended cup storage) mm

Empty weight

75 kg

Continuous sound pressure level (LpA)**

< 70 dB (A)


* Depends on nominal power rating, mains power connection and recipe settings
** The A-rated sound pressure levels LpA (slow) and LpA (impulse) at operating personnel work stations are below 70 dB(A) in every operating mode. 

A WMF water filter needs to be used with a carbonate hardness of 5° dKH and above.



What is automatic tamping?

With the WMF espresso, consistency is guaranteed by automation of all key steps, so coffee quality does not depend on the skill of the user. First, this semi-automatic coffee machine automatically doses the correct amount of coffee directly into the portafilter. The coffee is then tamped automatically with the ideal pressure and 100% consistency, ensuring the perfect espresso every time.

What are the advantages of having options for 3 portafilters?

The WMF espresso comes with 3 different portafilters in different sizes - two standard doubles and 1 standard single. This semi-automatic coffee machine automatically recognises which portafilter has been inserted and displays only the possible beverage selections for that portafilter size.

How can the user prepare milk using WMF espresso?

The WMF espresso can produce three different consistencies of milk foam automatically at the touch of a button, with the Auto Steam wand. Or the operator can choose to foam milk manually with the second basic steam wand. An experienced operator can even create latte art, in traditional barista style.

Is it easy to clean this semi-automatic coffee machine?

The WMF espresso is fitted with its own automatic, HACCP-compliant cleaning system and features a handy dishwasher-suitable drip tray. Using a special soluble tablet placed in the portafilter, the system cleans and rinses the machine automatically. Only the steam wand must be cleaned manually. Hence, it is very easy to clean and maintain this semi-automatic coffee machine.

What is the use of touch display and buttons?

The attractive touch display provides a simple, user-friendly way to adjust a wide range of software setting options, while additional touch-sensitive buttons offer key functions at a single touch and are easy to clean.

What does beverage selection feature mean?

From the quantity of coffee grounds to the beverage temperature, the key variables for each recipe are set for a duration and can then be individually customised by the user for each drink.

What does the data security feature help?

The data is crucial to any business success. That is why the platform in WMF espresso developed for WMF Coffee Connect meets state-of the-art infrastructure standards. The service offering is protected against cybercrime by a multi-layered IT architecture. Also implemented a cutting-edge Identity and Access Management system that supports IoT requirements, providing multi-factor and role-based access to data and systems.

In how many colors can we get this semi-automatic coffee machine?

The WMF espresso comes in various colours such as brushed black, brushed gold, satin pearl, gloss dragon red, fire gloss, burnt orange and gloss sunflower.