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1100 S

With its compact size, professional quality coffee preparation mechanisms and a large choice of beverages, the 1100 S packs quite a punch and is perfect for small offices, bistros and hotel lobbies. Available in 5 trendy colour options with a customizable display colour scheme, it will fit right in with the décor of your space. Its 7-inch touch display can also be used to showcase promotional offers, helping you maximise your business returns.


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WMF 1100 S


What are the five reasons one should choose the WMF 1100 S?

The five reasons to choose WMF 1100 S are:

  • Quality: The WMF 1100 S is a professional coffee machine and a guaranteed wise investment when it comes to optimal taste, durability and quality.
  • Reliability: With full-flavoured beverage specialities that are guaranteed to delight guests and customers. All this is reflected in both the reliability of intuitive operation and simplicity of machine cleaning.
  • Indulgence: Your personal kick-starter. Exquisite coffee specialities you can rely on. Tastiness guaranteed as cappuccino and other beverages are perfectly delivered.
  • Individuality: The WMF 1100 S offers a huge variety of coffee specialities that leaves plenty of room for individual tastes. From the espresso type and latte-lover to the chocoholic and caffeine junkie.
  • Digitalisation: The intuitively operated user interface makes a wide range of beverages possible at the touch of a button. Uniquely smart: the MyCoffee App for phones and tablets enables favourite recipes to be created.
Can one customize the color of this automatic coffee machine?

Yes, the WMF 1100 S automatic coffee machine can be color customized. It is available in five colors, such as white, gloss sunflower, gloss burnt orange, gloss hotrod red and gloss Kelly green. One can choose from five preconfigured colours and many more on request. Your machine. Your choice.

Is it easy to clean the WMF 1100 S?

With the patented Click&Clean function, the milk system is easy to clean. Soaking the milk foamer every day is no longer necessary. In fact, manual cleaning has been reduced to just once a week. Animated step-by-step cleaning instructions can be found on the touch display. Thus, these features help to make the WMF 1100 S very easy to clean.

Where can a WMF 1100 S be placed?

WMF 1100 S can be used in small to medium sized offices, hotel lobby, resort lobby, function halls, etc.

How much space will this automatic coffee machine acquire?

The compact dimensions of the WMF 1100 S can be flexibly installed wherever space is limited. Its dimensions are 325 /500 /561 mm(W*H*D).