Aillio Bullet R1 V2

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The Bullet R1 V2

The Bullet R1 is a 1KG personal/sample true drum coffee roaster.

Automatic drum pre-heating, adjustable heat and fan speed, and continuous real-time feedback provided by infrared bean and drum temperature sensors combine to allow for precise, consistent roasting. Easily capable of bringing a full one kg of beans to first crack in under 12 minutes, a remarkable feature for a machine that fits neatly on your kitchen counter and plugs into any standard wall socket.

Details of each roast can be digitally recorded and saved as roast profiles that can then be replayed or shared between roasters.

Easy to clean and maintain. Induction heating system with over 95% efficiency.

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Input Voltage

100V-127V & 220V-240V – 50Hz-60Hz

Power Requirement


Maximum recommended Ambient Temperature                



Multi-vane, 5.9L solid drum

Exhaust Fan

78mm removable aluminium centrifugal fan for easy cleaning.

Bean Loading

Through funnel

Bean Ejection


Bean Cooling Tray:

Detachable. Fan Cooling. Connected to underside of roaster.

Bean Roast Temperature:

Max 245oC

Chaff Collector

Detachable. Empty every 2-3kg of roasting.

Roast Capacity

Maximum 1000g, minimum 100g (fastest roasting for 1kg to the first crack is 10-12min)

Monthly Capacity



L: 59cm, W:31cm, H:42cm (L:75cm including bean cooler)