Ditting 804 Coffee Grinder

Rancilio Classe 9 USB

Classe 9USB has an eye-catching, futuristic design and is made from tough materials, such as stainless steel and aluminium, so it’s packed with character. Shock-absorbing side panels guarantee a sturdy machine that’s practical to use.

Rancilio Casse 9 Tall USB 2
  • independent heat exchangers
  • electric heating
  • built-in volumetric pump
  • pump pressure gauge
  • boiler pressure gauge
  • electronic water level control
  • electronic boiler pressure control
  • multifunctional onboard computer with display and USB port
  • low-voltage brew heads (24 V)
  • low-voltage dispensing controls (24 V)
  • version "TALL" - H max cups/glasses: 5.7 in (14.5 cm)
  • LED lights illuminate the work area, functional LED lights on the group button panels,
  • stylish lateral lighting
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