Probat has been developing pioneering solutions for the coffee industry for 150 years.

The company is the world market and technology leader for coffee roasting plants and machinery. Its range of services includes the development, design and construction of roasters and grinders as well as the planning and implementation of industrial production facilities. Machine and plant controls, environmental technologies and comprehensive services also make up part of Probat's product portfolio.

Together with subsidiaries in the USA, Brasil, Italy, Scotland, India and Canada, Probat has got 900 employees, about 550 of which are based in Germany. In addition to that, agencies in more than 40 countries assure that the age-long experience and know-how of Probat is being used globally.





Drum roasting is the most common roasting method. Here, the coffee is roasted in a drum that rotates around a horizontal axis. The PROBATONE shop roasters use specially developed shovel mechanisms to move the beans inside the drum. A surface burner heats up the roasting air before it is sucked through the back wall of the drum as well as guided around it, thus roasting the beans not only via convective but also conductive heat transfer. With roasting capacities ranging from 17 to 85 kilograms of roast coffee per hour (kg/h), the PROBATONE shop roasters are particularly suitable for small to medium-sized roasting facilities with high-quality demands on the end product.

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