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Trusted by the world's leading coffee shops as the standard for cold brew, the Toddy® Cold Brew System is a timeless addition to your countertop.


Toddy® Cold Brew System - Pro Series 10

New Toddy Pro Series10 comes in a stainless-steel brewing vessel with a capacity of 38 litres. A prefect fit to scale up your cold brew range of less acidic, bold and super smooth coffee for your specialty café. A patented and food safe option to simplify your large-scale brewing requirements!

TODDY Cold Brew

Toddy® Cold Brew System - Commercial Model with Lift

A perfect fit for cafes to maximise the volume of extract you get out of every batch. Toddy Brew System produces cold-brewed liquid coffee or tea using its unique cold-water brewing technology. The full-bodied, aromatic flavours create a bold and smooth after taste reducing acidity by 67%! A must-have for a boutique café exploring cold brew for the first time. Toddy® Cold Brew System - Commercial Model is NSF Certified and BPA Free.

Cold brew

Toddy® Cold Brew System

This is a non-electrical Cold Brew System ideal for small batches or home brew. Get a flavoursome coffee by using cold-water brewing technology, this is also 67% less acidic than coffee made with hot brew. Drink the steaming hot cup, over ice or ice blended latte.Toddy system is also used to brew tea which can be served hot or over ice, as you like it.


Drink brood is the world’s leading manufacturer in nitro coffee equipment. Built for convenience, Drink brood serves a full hot and cold menu with just one machine. When are you pouring it with Brood?

Drink Brood
DrinkBrood 1

One Tap Nitro V2PX

It's an exciting new way to serve coffee to your customers, even non-coffee lovers who find the taste of hot coffee bitter and harsh can be treated by infusing homemade syrups like an orange or a cinnamon in a cold brew and have them taste the delicious blend served on nitro!
The Nitro V2PX™ makes nitro cold brew fun and handy, so get creative with your recipes and start pouring them out as soon as possible.
Now you can serve a cold brew on demand from a single nitro tap throughout the course of the day in your café.

Drink Brood - Dual Tap

Dual Tap Nitro V2PX - Hot and Cold

Nitro drinks have never been simpler! For first time ever you can substitute espresso with cold brew-ed coffee and achieve a thick crema.
Now it is possible for you to create all your favourite drinks from a single machine! It is an easy way to lift your beverage sales all year round. With the heated option you can achieve sales throughout the cooler months and vice-versa. One tap chills the brew and the other heats, and infuses it with nitrogen obtained from the air. Within no time you'll have a velvety smooth hot/cold nitro brew in your hands!

PUQ Press

It Tamps Flat. Ensure quality in every cup with Puqpress. It is the 1st precision coffee tamper. It removes variation in tamping, maintains quality and consistency in every cup. A perfect fit for optimum extraction.

PUQ Press
Puq Press Q1


Q1 is our most straight forward model and delivers an incredible even tamp in just 1.3 seconds. With its small footprint, it fits on every bar.

Puq Press


Q2 contains our most advanced technology and does everything a Barista could wish for. The best thing, it offers a "Precision Tamp" setting, that causes zero suction and allows baristas to use a bigger diameter tamper base to optimize extraction.

Puqpress m1


The Nano non-stick tamp head reduces the coffee build up in the M1. The machines comes with a new advanced stiffer frame that provides further precision and life span. The updated design now works perfectly with naked portafilters.