The Heavy Duty Blender

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Founded in USA in 2005, Mixtec is dedicated to being an innovator in the food service industry. Through years of research and development, each and every Mixtec product is built to last and designed with the user experience in mind, including professional blenders, commercial juicers, and pearl cooker.
The Mixtec brand offers the right solution to deliver exceptional blending performance and thoughtful designs for both commercial and household uses. Sold to more than 30 countries across the world, Mixtec products are the preferred choices of food service industry, hotels, restaurants, coffee& tea shops, and hospitals. Mixtec is committed to helping you deliver your signature menu ideas to life.

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Mixtec SJ9668

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Mixtec SJ9668

Upgrade your kitchenware by adding this functional MIXTEC SJ9668 blender with a container to your collection. Powered by a 3HP powerful motor, this appliance is handy in effortlessly blending various ingredients to make shakes, granitas and more. The 1.85L container is made of polycarbonate, which is transparent, tough, and keeps the food components safe while blending. The 6-titanium steel mixing and cutting blades make chopping of fruits, vegetables and more.