Serious About Getting Into The Coffee Business? Start With a Great Roaster

With the increase in the knowledge of coffee among coffee aficionados and the increase in competition in the business, cafes have a challenging task in front of them. You have to provide something more than your competitors to stay afloat and attract new customers.

While avant-garde drinks on the menu can attract an initial crowd. They will stay only if the quality of the coffee is superior. The key to creating outstanding coffee is roasting your own beans.

A coffee roaster is a must-have for any cafe worth its salt. However, once you decide to purchase one, the sheer variety of roasters and their features can confuse you. Here are the factors you must consider to make the right choice.

A Guide to Selecting Your Coffee Roaster


A coffee roaster comes with the maximum recommended capacity size, and it is important to note that it is not the optimal amount for best results. 

If you want to offer a personalized experience and sell batches of coffee that are roasted explicitly for a customer, then the Aillio Bullet Roaster R1 V2 is just what you need. It can roast one kilo of coffee at a time and bring it to the first crack within 12 minutes.

On the other hand, if you are a larger cafe, then the Probatone Roasters with a capacity ranging from 5 kilos to 85 kilos might be a better fit.   


Budget is an essential consideration for every decision. However, with a coffee roaster, you also need to consider the cost of additional necessities such as ductwork, smoke control equipment, permits, etc. as well. 


While many high-tech roasting machines in the market may not be the most reliable ones, old-school roasters rank high on reliability. However, the high-tech ones ensure that the roast is uniform across batches and make the roasting process simpler. You have to find the balance between these two considerations. 


The coffee roaster is the backbone of your cafe. You need swift service if it breaks down, or your whole operation could come to a standstill. Make sure you select a roaster from a brand that offers swift servicing, such as Kaapi Machines


There are various configurations of coffee roasters, each with its pros and cons. Select the one where the pros outweigh the cons for you. The multiple configurations of coffee roasters are:

  • Classic drum roasters
  • Indirectly heated drum roasters
  • Recirculation roasters
  • Fluid-bed roasters

Roast Your Way to Success

You will have no trouble selecting the best coffee roaster for your cafe with the factors mentioned above. Reputed international brands such as Aillio, Probat, WMF and many others would be an ideal choice, available in India with Kaapi Machines, their trusted distributor. Get the best machines in the business to elevate your cafe to a whole new level and offer coffee nirvana to your customers. 


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