Does your grinder need a deep clean?

Grinder plays an important role when it comes to brew the perfect cup of coffee.  The purpose of grinding is to break down the roasted coffee bean to expose the interior and allow the right amount of oils and flavors to be extracted. To keep your coffee untainted and to prolong the life of the grinder, it needs an occasional deep cleaning.

 Every time you grind coffee beans for a shot or a brew, little particles of beans and oils are being shot off into little hiding spots of your grinder. These particles are required to be removed in order to prevent the coffee getting any unwanted flavours.

Cleaning your grinders isn’t troublesome or tedious. Dedicating 10-15 minutes consistently once or twice every month will go far in keeping up your café’s standard for quality and tidiness. Therefore, it is very crucial to give importance to clean your grinder at regular intervals.

The objective of cleaning a grinder

The coffee particles and oils developing in the burr area may appear to be harmless initially, yet they gradually start to influence the taste of your coffee. Also, these off flavours gets mixed by new, non-tainted grounds as they pass by. This is where the flavour starts shaping up.

Thus, basically, the objective of cleaning is to eliminate stuck grounds and oils in the on the burrs to keep the flavour of your coffee consistent.

How to clean the grinder

In a removable hopper, remove the grind chamber along with the hopper and wipe these pieces clean with a  microfiber cloth.

Also, a product like the Urnex Grindz tablets works great because they’re safe and easy to use effective solution for cleaning all coffee grinders and remove the traces of stale coffee residue and flavoured coffee odours. It uses a patented all-natural formula that adheres to the highest standard of food safety. Throw 30 grams of Urnex’s Grindz tablet in your grinder, grind and discard. Repeat this process with old coffee beans to ensure all tablet particles are flushed. 

The final word:

To prolong the life of your grinder, proper cleaning is a very important factor. Occasional deep cleaning is very much necessary to keep your coffee’s flavour quality intact to ensure that your customers get the best brew in town.


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