Coffee Grinders (Shop/Retail) – Quick Fixes


With the onset of Covid-19 and Govt. mandate to shut all non-essential operations, we have stopped our services to ensure the safety of our employees.
We want to ensure you have a seamless coffee grinding experience while our team is off the field, we have created a list of quick fixes you can try at your end should you face any issues.

Please follow the steps as explained below-

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Quick Fix Sheet


1) My grinder doesn’t work

Please ensure if-
a. Power supply, working?
b. MCB/ Fuse, connected?
c. Overload protector, pops out after pushing it back? Call the customer care at +91-7813820830
d. Motor protector triggered, let it cool for an hour.

2) What if the grinder is humming but not grinding?

Please follow these steps-
a. If the outlet is clogged, or the grind is too fine-
With handwheel/knob, set the grinding degree setting to the coarsest grind and trigger the grinding process. The grinder will clear grind itself. With the handwheel/knob set the desired grinding degree during operation.

b. If a foreign particle present in burr assembly-
Clean the burr assembly as described in the “Cleaning” section and remove the foreign object at the same time. If the foreign object cannot be removed, contact customer care.

3) My grinder is not grinding fine enough

Please ensure if the grinding disc is aligned. If worn out, ask for a replacement.

4) My grinder rotates but without grinding.

Call the customer care at +91-7813820830


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