3 best coffee machines for small offices in India

Who can say no to a good cup of coffee during a stressful day at the office!? Nowadays, every office space – however big or small – has coffee machines for their employees. A good cup of coffee is a perfect time out for your employees to reboot, think clear, and eventually work better.

If you have a small office and are wondering which machine would suit your office space, this article will help you make the decision.

You need to look for automatic machines, of course, since there won’t be baristas available to do the manual work for you. You also need space-friendly and economical machines that don’t take up a lot of room and are easy to operate. However, it should have good capacity and output, since the demand is going to be high.

Here are three best types of coffee machines, which are the best fit for small offices in India:

K95L coffee machine

With 20 programmable beverages on offer, this machine offers options for customisation. It also has a large capacity, works quite fast, and simultaneously makes both coffee and milk or foam. It is powered by a heating power of 2700 watts and has a pre-brew system. It has two pumps and two thermo-block heating systems. The machine comes with a 7″ LCD touch screen, Android system with the optional tap payment system.  It can take 30 to 35 portions of coffee grounds. It caters to the varied preferences of coffee lovers. Also, along with being a perfect bargain for your office, the machine auto-cleans so you don’t have to worry about the after-hour mess.

K90L coffee machine

This fully automatic machine’s top attraction is its large capacity. It can also produce multiple cups of coffee in a short period. Like K95L, it comes with 20 programmable beverage options and has a dual boiler specifically for cappuccino, which seems to be the most popular choice of coffee in Indian offices. It works on a heating power of 2700 watts, with two pumps, two thermo blocks, a one-kilo bean hopper, and a coffee ground capacity of 30 to 35 cakes. Along with serving fresh coffee in every cup, it is also super easy to clean and maintain.

KLM1603 coffee machine

What catches the eye at first glance is the absolute classy design and finish of this machine. It is quite easy to use. You can get a cup of your favourite espresso or cappuccino at the press of a button. The heating power is 1400 watts, with a water tank capacity of 1.8 litres. It can take up to 15 portions of coffee grounds and 250 grams of beans. Your employees will not only get to enjoy a fresh brew but the machine will also add to the sophisticated look of your office space.

Now that you know what to look for, you can select the machine that best fits your requirements. We at Kaapi Machines provide a wide range of professional and sophisticated coffee equipment that will help you prepare the perfectly brewed cup of coffee. Know more here: https://kaapimachines.com/


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