How to choose a good Semi-Automatic Coffee Machine for a Café

A good cup of coffee can kickstart your customer’s day, any given hour. And, if you own a cafe, a good semi-automatic coffee machine will not just enhance the taste of the coffee but also boost the efficiency in the servings.

Many things affect the flavour, aroma, and quality of the espresso. The best coffee machine for the cafe will allow a fine adjustment of grind size, pressure and temperature to improve the flavour, shot after shot.

Factors to consider before buying a semi-automatic coffee machine:

  1. Espresso quality
  2. The brewing speed
  3. Installation site
  4. Preference of your consumer
  5. Capacity
  6. Longevity & Durability

Once you have narrowed down the factors that mark as a priority for your cafe, you can make an informed decision while choosing the best semi-automatic coffee machine for your cafe.

Semi-automatic machines from Kaapi Machines blend the best of both worlds i.e. the taste and aroma of handcrafted coffee with the speed and efficiency of state-of-the-art technology. Here are our top three picks for semi-automatic coffee machines that will adjust well with your diverse coffee needs.


This is one of the few models available in the market that is equipped with a touch screen command panel. It is technologically advanced, simple to operate with no confusing knobs. The baristas can mix and play with the menu combinations to bring out different coffee flavours. The classy outlook and advanced inbuilt technology have made this model one of the best Coffee Machine for Café.




Simple engineering and elegance are its popularity quotient of this model. It has been manufactured by using Rancilio LAB’s most efficient and advanced technology. The USB mechanism makes it simple to manage the machine settings. If you want to add glamour to your interiors and uniqueness to your coffee, this is the model to opt for. It’s a complete ‘no-fuss’ unit and is worthy to be considered as one of the best coffee machines for cafe’.

When manual skills are combined with perfect engineering a semi-automatic coffee machine is born. It is a pretty appliance that is easy to use and also has control over the quality of brewing. People love this machine because it is a crossbreed of human skills and technology. Take a shot at the above models and lock the model that suits your budget and target group.


This coffee machine is excellent with its temperature control technique. It makes it easy for the baristas to fine-tune every cup of coffee. It takes less preparation time and results in a greater workflow push. Even during rush hours, the baristas can manage to get rich, delicious and clean coffee with ease. This makes this model one of the best Coffee Machine for Café. If you are looking forward to a great customer experience here is a model for you.



For people who own a cafe’, it is important to choose your coffee machine wisely. You will get one shot at impressing the first-time visitors and your coffee machine can very well be the starting point of turning them into loyal customers.

Kaapi Machines is the exclusive distributor of advanced coffee equipment from some of the most iconic names from across the world including Kalerm, Rancilio, WMF, Ditting and much more. Know more here:


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