5 Must-Have Espresso-Based Beverages to Make Your Café Menu Shine

For many people, it’s the coffee that makes the world go round! And when we say coffee, espresso-based beverages often top the list. That is why if you are planning to create or upgrade your café menu, espresso blends deserve to be on it. Confused about which espresso drinks to add to your café menu? Fret not, for we have your back. Here are five must-have espresso-based beverages to flavour up your café menu in style.


A cappuccino is often defined as the uncrowned king of espresso based beverages. And why not? The classic cappuccino has a shot of brewed espresso poured into a mug and topped with half steamed milk and foam. Cappuccino enthusiasts who love the robust flavour of this coffee treat


Latte has been rocking the coffee world for a long time now for all the good reasons! A rich, sweet, and mild delight, a latte is a fine combination of a shot of espresso and steamed milk. It has a little milk foam poured on the surface to add a dash of creaminess to it. This is the drink that most coffee admirers prefer when they want something less intense than a cappuccino.

Double Shot Espresso

Who doesn’t like espresso shots, especially when it’s double the amount and double the caffeine kick? No wonder the double shot is one of the most loved espresso beverages that people reach out for at a café. Also known as Doppio Espresso, this hot beverage entices coffee aficionados with two perfectly brewed shots of espresso, finished with a caramel-coloured thick foam or crema sitting on the surface.


A macchiato is all about a traditional blend of espresso and two dollops of milk froth on top. A macchiato definition is marking the espresso. It may seem similar to a latte or cappuccino but the milk content in a macchiato is far less than these two varieties. This is what lends the beverage its distinct flavour and a wide fan base. With just a small amount of milk foam adorning the surface of a macchiato, this espresso beverage gives forth a bold taste.


Mochaccino or Mocha, call it by whatever name you may please, but there’s no denying that this espresso-based beverage is loved for its sweet and chocolaty taste. This beverage comprises a shot of espresso combined with steamed milk and chocolate. It is topped with a distinct milk froth. A dollop of whipped cream on top also goes well with this formulation.

In Conclusion

It’s not enough to just include the espresso-based beverages in your café menu. You need to churn out the blends perfectly. This is where you need to have high-quality equipment. Explore new-age global brands of coffee equipment from Kaapi Machines (brewers, roasters, grinders, barista tools and more) to serve the best in your Café. 


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