A lot goes into creating the perfect cup of coffee—from the quality and freshness of the beans to the consistency of the grounds to the precision in time and temperature control and everything in between. We wanted to address the gap of efficient and sophisticated coffee equipments in India that could actually transform the superior quality of homegrown coffee beans into the perfectly brewed cup of coffee. A simple idea—of making world-class coffee equipment accessible to anyone who desired to savour or serve the best possible brew—led to the birth of Kaapi Machines. Today Kaapi Machines India Pvt. Ltd. is a complete coffee solutions company and exclusive distributor of advanced coffee equipments from some of the most iconic names from across the world.

Over the last 17 years, we have had the fortune to partner with brands who have launched cutting-edge technology and innovation in the coffee equipment industry and helped us bring that technology to India. With our focus on quality and our steadfast service team, the biggest in India, we have earned the trust and partnership of many loyal customers whom we cherish till date.

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About Us

At Kaapi Machines, we take our customers, our products and our industry very seriously.

We bring you a range of high-quality coffee equipment and accessories from leading international brands, supported by our large team of professionally trained service personnel.

Partner with us to get a holistic experience of the coffee world. From starting a café, sourcing the finest coffee beans to coffee machines for a hotel, office, café or even home, our range has something that fits every kind of business or home requirement.

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Roasters, Grinders, Coffee Machines, Ice Blenders, Advance Coffee Technology, Cleaners, Service & Maintenance

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Semi Automatic Coffee Machines (13)

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Grinders (16)

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