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Blindfold Latte Art Challenge


Latte art is a method of preparing coffee by pouring microfoam into a shot of espresso in a way that it forms a certain pattern or design on the surface. Doing this only requires mastering the basic barista skills to ensure that the espresso is good and the microfoam is silky smooth. But, imagine doing…

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Aeropress Championship India, 2019

Aeropress drip

Since it was introduced in 2005, the AeroPress coffee brewing method has been gaining a lot of attention from ardent coffee lovers and cafes all over the globe. AeroPress brewing delivers only the finest and unique cup of brew, immediately separating it in taste and quality from the rest.  Lightweight, manual, inexpensive, quick, unbreakable, and…

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5 best coffee machines in India: Review and buying guide

Espresso Pull

For coffee to taste spot-on, it is essential to have an authentic, well-crafted coffee machine. Whether the coffee is enjoyed at the office or served at a café, real coffee connoisseurs can spot even the slightest difference in taste. If you are looking for a bean to cup or speciality coffee machine for your café…

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3 best coffee machines for small offices in India

Coffee Machines for Office

Who can say no to a good cup of coffee during a stressful day at the office!? Nowadays, every office space – however big or small – has coffee machines for their employees. A good cup of coffee is a perfect time out for your employees to reboot, think clear, and eventually work better. If…

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The only coffee shop equipment list to consider before opening a café

Cafes and coffee shops are a great investment in today’s world since people are constantly looking for quick-fixes and instant-energy boosters. Coffee is one beverage that is popular amongst a wide range of audience across varied age groups. A quiet café at the street corner is often home to bookworms, writers, young entrepreneurs and gamers.…

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How to make espresso coffee with the espresso machine?

How to make an espresso

Having a good espresso machine is vital to make an excellent cup of coffee. Considering the widely renowned love for espresso, coffee machines are undoubtedly the most important part of a café’s equipment list. A good machine doesn’t just make the process smooth but also helps you prepare and enjoy different varieties of coffee. It…

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5 best types of coffee to wake you up in the morning

Whether it is coffee or tea, we all love our morning jolt of caffeine. For coffee lovers, this cup is their cup of magic: it conjures energy and powers them through their daily routine. Here are five great types of coffee to start your day with: Espresso This is an elementary ingredient in all of…

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