We are grateful to present our 2019 calendar
featuring Women in Coffee from India

Stories have the power to evoke emotions, drive actions, shape perceptions and build personality. This year the theme of our calendar is - Women in Coffee. This calendar brings you stories of women who have gone above and beyond to build, support and promote the growth of the Coffee Industry in India. We hope these stories have a ripple effect of encouraging and enhancing the participation of more Women in Coffee. Our inspiration came from Specialty Coffee Association and International Women's Coffee Alliance celebrating 15 years of women in coffee world wide last year.

The quest for these stories led us to Asia’s first lady of Coffee, to estate workers and even a woman barista champion! From bean to cup, we can find women furthering every aspect of the coffee value chain in India today.

Over the years, Kaapi Machines (India) has been a part of our trusted partners successful coffee journey. We have complemented our partners with world - class coffee equipment and a steadfast service support. Women are the emerging tribe of coffee revolution in India. With this calendar, we want to convey that we are here to support and help them in making their coffee journey a success story as well.

More power to women!

P.S. Each paper of this calendar (Hard Copy) is a seed which you can plant and nurture.